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Gibson Invader Electric Guitars were produced between 1983 and 1988 and at the present are a great find for collectors of vintage Gibson guitars. The Gibson Invader model was more of a clone of the famous Gibson's Les Paul, but with the bolt-on rather than set neck, which made them somewhat less in demand for some Gibson enthusiasts. Yet vintage Invader guitars still have the trademark Gibson sound and quality, so often you can find vintage Gibson Invader electric guitars that will perform beautifully for a lower price than other vintage Gibson guitars. With humbucker pickups and an ebony fretboard, Gibson Invader electric guitars provide a solid, versatile sound that will appeal to many guitarists, though the overall sound quality is geared a bit more towards blues guitarists.

Vintage Gibson Invader electric guitars were produced in a variety of finishes, including a sunburst finish. In 1984, some Gibson Invader electric guitars were released with special pinstripe finishes, providing yet another highly collectible version of this model of Gibson electric guitars. If you want a collectible, quality guitar at an affordable price, Gibson Invader electric guitars can be a great option.

The modern incarnation of Gibson Invader electric guitars is produced by Epiphone, a division of Gibson. Epiphone specializes in marketing high-quality guitars at a lower price, giving beginning, amateur, or semi-pro guitarists a chance to experience the Gibson sound and quality without breaking their budget. If you've always wanted a Gibson but can't quite afford it, Epiphone Invader electric guitars might be a good place to start.

Similar in appearance to the vintage Gibson Invader electric guitars, the Epiphone Invader features one humbucker pickup, chrome hardware, a mahogany body and rosewood fretboard for a top-notch sound and feel, and a price much lower than the original Gibson Invader. It's most often found in the vintage Sunburst finish, giving it a classic look. Suitable for even the beginning guitarist, this incarnation of Invader guitars can start your favourite young musician off on the road to a lifetime of music making.

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